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09 December 2008

The Garden Building Centre unravel the options and accessories available when choosing a garage.

 It is often overwhelming, the vast amount of accessories and options available to you when purchasing your concrete sectional garage, shed or workshop. Fortunately some manufacturers through experience offer pre-bundled and discounted garage price packages which include many of the popular accessories commonly specified such as maintenance free PVC fascias and windows, brick front pillars, guttering, and decorative roofing options.

On the other hand, no two concrete garages have to be alike due to the array of items on offer. Back to basics, once a design of garage is chosen you maybe presented with a choice of finishes. By default a majority of concrete sectional buildings are supplied in spar wall chippings or ‘pebbledash’ finishes. The spar and particularly the larger Classic spar contain numerous colours that do tend to blend in well in most environments.

On the other hand you may choose prefabricated and factory applied brick effect or on-site application. In these instances viewing is recommended particularly if the supplier offers only a limited choice of colours and textures. Decided on a basic design and wall finish, loosely you are looking at two categories; security and lifestyle options (although the two cross-over in some instances).

Security is often the very reason why you have chosen to replace or add a concrete garage to your property, perhaps you have just bought a new car or motorbike or wish to move appliances and tools from the house or garden shed? In any instance some precautions can be taken without ever parting with any further money.

1/ Regardless of the number of locking points ensure that your garage door is secured within a steel fabricated frame.

2/ When selecting a brand of concrete garage make sure that the main and access doors have flush mounted and quite separate locks from the handles.

3/ Think very seriously as to whether the window and the position of windows makes the garage vulnerable.

Further security additions are also possible, such as frosted and wired glass windows, 4-point door and 3-point access door locking points, laminated glass and automatic garage door motors.

Much of the technology which makes our life easier such as PVC windows and fascias can be added onto a new concrete garage. Likewise PVC technology allows for a variety of colours and finishes including mahogany and light-oak woodgrain and stylish white PVC. In some instances these same finishes extend to the main doors but use a different technology.

Metalwork such as the main and side doors is generally supplied in durable white powder-coated finishes which will last a lifetime. Avoid steel Plastisol finishes as the lighter colours (particular white) fade quickly and require reapplication of paint.

Consider changes in door style and operation, whether it's brick front posts or finishes that are complimentary to your property, maybe tile effect or coloured roof. Again, a word of warning; it is no coincidence that steel roofs are often supplied under-lined or with anti-condensation treatments, they may also be noisier than their fibre-cement counterparts.

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