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Fulham Group to exhibit at Light + Building

22 February 2016

Liighting specialist Fulham Group will be exhibiting at Light+ Building to showcase their new WorkHorse LED and HotSpot Plus LED Solutions.

Fulham Group, leading suppliers of lighting components and electronics, will be displaying a large selection of its products at this year’s Light + Building, with special focus on LED drivers and modules.    

Centre stage of Stand A12 in Hall 4.0 will be two of the company’s latest developments: The Fulham WorkHorse LED programmable drivers and the Fulham HotSpot Plus LED driver and emergency system.

Fulhams' WorkHorse LED family of programmable drivers replace numerous variations of fixed output drivers and are a smart solution for greater LED efficiency.  Built to the same quality and reliability standards as all Fulham’s drivers, their programmable features include output current, dimming curve and lowest dimming percentage allowing the driver to match the output of existing fixtures or serve as a flexible platform for new luminaire designs. 

Fulhams' intuitive SmartSet programming platform enables powerful programming capabilities via handheld controller or PC software.  Four models are available in 40W and 60W versions with different case size and termination options.  All are available as either dimming or DALI dimming model types.  Amongst their many features, the drivers can dim to 1% of programmed current and have one-touch programming for high volume usage.

On the stand, the Fulham WorkHorse LED programmable drivers will be used in two demonstrations:  one in conjunction with Tvilight, developers of wireless, sensor-based outdoor lighting control solutions; and one in conjunction with Control Network Solutions, developers of elitedaliTM, the world’s most vendor independent smart web convergence open standards lighting control solution.

The Fulham HotSpot Plus is an all-in-one unit, combining a dimmable LED driver, an emergency LED driver and a replaceable battery.  This innovative product is simple to install and lowers costs by eliminating the need to install separate emergency systems.  Under normal conditions, the HotSpot Plus functions as a dimmable 40W constant current LED driver with a programmable output current range of 250 to 1400 mA. 

During a power outage the system automatically engages an integrated back-up battery which can provide 5W of power for 180 minutes or 10W for 90 minutes.  For flexibility of embodiment, the Fulham HotSpot LED is available in two case sizes and is guaranteed for five years, the battery for three years.  The HotSpot Plus also uses Fulham’s SmartSet programming platform enabling the integration of the driver for any luminaire design.

Amongst other advanced lighting components at the show from Fulham for the European market will be products from the ThoroLED product range.  These include a host of standard and custom LED modules as tailored replacements for applications currently using incandescent, CFL, linear fluorescent or HID light sources. 

These come in linear, circular, cluster and H-shaped standard modules and in addition Fulham can develop custom LED modules to customers’ specifications.  All modules feature optimised thermal management for extended LED life, use the highest quality branded LEDs, and come in constant voltage or constant current designs. 

Also in the ThoroLED range is a wide selection of LED drivers suitable for such applications as signage, recessed ceiling fittings, under-cabinet lighting and refrigeration cabinets.  These are available as dimming, DALI dimming and non-dimming versions, constant current or constant voltage models, all built to Fulham’s high reliability standards.