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Chell UKAS Calibration reforms production line efficiency

18 February 2009

Process industries where gas flow measurements are taken, have previously had to downtime in some sections so their flowmeters could be sent away for accredited calibration.

Chell Instruments have recently been audited & accredited by UKAS for a new on-site gas flow calibration service. Flow Meters and Controllers with ranges from 10cm3/min to 3600litre/min may now be calibrated with minimum disruption to production schedules. As usual, Chell are able to provide the calibrations with some of the lowest on-site uncertainties in the UK.

If downtime is a factor in plant management, Chell can now provide minimum disruption for UKAS calibration.

The service is ideal for industries having multiple installations of flow meters and controllers such as Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Thin-Film deposition, Thermal Spraying, lyophilisation / freeze-drying and many others.

The audit standards are mol blocs by DH Instruments. These standards are internationally recognised as the finest flow transfer standards and since the pressure is also measured, results may be expressed in either Mass or Volumetric Flow.

Before & after each on-site visit, the mol blocs are cross-compared with the standards in its’ UKAS Laboratory No. 0687, again with some of the lowest uncertainties in the UK outside National Standards.

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