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Duct Sealing Times - 'Sealing the correct way.......'

16 December 2016

Over the past 15 years Duct Sealing has become an important factor when designing and constructing new buildings; however, it remains both a task and a product that a lot of companies overlook and underestimate the time required to effectively seal ducts.

The majority of end users & specifications of duct seal products require a quick & simple installation, with a re-enterable seal that can cope in extreme circumstances.

Water & Waste Treatment plants, area's where hydrocarbons are present, buildings within high water tables areas, and oxygen suppression systems in data centres are just a few examples (and there are many more) where difficult circumstances are encountered requiring a specialised product to be utilised.

Filoform designs and manufactures special formulated products where one product can cover all requirements.


    Last minute actions to seal the ducts
    Incorrect products used – EXPANDING FOAM FROM A CAN - A BIG NO NO!
    Rushed installations
    Over priced solutions
    Difficult to source and long lead times
    Over complicated product selection

    Filoform can make it easy for you.

We can help you select the correct product; our experienced technical team with over 30 years knowledge of sealing cable ducts are available to provide support.
All our systems are ex-stock and we have a large variety of duct sealing systems readily available, that can effectively seal 99% of any openings or cable configurations, in most environments.

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