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New additions to FH Brundles' Pro-Railing range

12 March 2009

FH Brundle has announced some new additions to their range of Pro-Railing fittings.

Pro-Railing is synonomous with quality, style and elegance in stainless steel handrailing.

Some of the new additions to the range, include stainless channel tube and fittings that secure straight onto the top of glass using a rubber profile hidden inside the tube, providing simple and effective, continuous handrailing.

Brundles have also introduced an aluminium channel designed to fix to steel work, which is an effective solution to the installation of solid glass from floor to handrail, providing pure unobstructed views.

Other new additions featuring in the renge include stainless steel strand wire, shackles and eyebolts, offering further alternatives in the design  and installation of elegant, spohisticated handrailing.

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