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20 April 2009

Spectrum Positive Identity & Training Ltd has expanded its' range of Identity Cards with the addition of the newly launched Plus-Card Bio™.

Plus-Card Bio™ is Spectrum’s Positives new response to the unyealding properties of normal plastics which last forever when discarded into the environment and add to the landfill problem.

Unlike standard PVC cards, Plus-Card Bio™ is manufactured with a revolutionary material that completely biodegrades within one to five years after constant exposure to a fertile environment where microorganisms are present; these include compost, landfill, rubbish tips, the ground, lakes, river and the ocean. All that is left behind is matter that can easily be worked into the soil or water and has no toxic effect to the surrounding environment.

Best of all, Plus-Card Bio™ will perform exactly like the current PVC cards that are currently in use. Under normal every day usage the cards maintain their integrity and can get wet, be stored as usual, dye-sub printed, off-set, litho and silk screen printed and embossed without breaking down.

The new Plus-Card Bio™ cards can be used with extensive range card accessories.

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