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Wimbledon residence gets the Andura treatment again

21 March 2018

A residential management company in Wimbledon has once again chosen to finish the outside of its apartment block with an Andura exterior coating.

Lake Close in Wimbledon SW19 is a building designed by a Japanese architect in the 1930s with unusually large glass windows for the period which flood the interior with light. The building is arranged in a horseshoe shape with three storeys in the centre and two storey wings either side, in all comprising 32 apartments and an integrated communal garage.

So pleased was the residential management company with the Andura high performance coatings previously specified, that they had no qualms about specifying Andura’s latest Pro-Flex coating when the building came up for re-finishing again. The Chairman of the residential management company Sid Sukhija spent some considerable time searching for durable coatings specified by architects for older buildings before selecting the first Andura coating. Indeed, another manufacturer’s product was in the running but was rejected because it required all the walls of the building to be sandblasted first to remove old paint before its application. Sid Sukhija commented, “With the first Andura coating there was no need to sandblast, the contractor applying a fairing coat of some 2mm first and then spray painting the second coating on top”.

The original Andura coating was a textured finish to conceal the brickwork mortar joints, and this time it was only necessary to hand-apply the new Pro-Flex with its smooth coating finish.

Sid Sukhija continued, “We have been very happy with the result on both occasions having found the Andura coating to be so durable over a long period. It is also very price competitive and we have been delighted with the support given to us by the Andura people who were prepared to mix a special colour after we went to their Bicester head office to see samples”.

Lake Close is finished in the special colour of Welsh Flint, and some 320 litres of primer and 640 litres of Pro-Flex coating for two coats was applied to the 1,440 sq.metres of external walls. No maintenance has been required over the twelve years between painting, and Andura provided a small drum of Pro-Flex and primer for matching-in when needed for events such as the inevitable new pipe through a wall.

Andura’s Pro-Flex technology provides excellent long-term protection and decoration for buildings.  The elastomeric properties of Pro-Flex technology give excellent resistance to subsequent cracks in the substrate. Using the very latest advances in coatings technology, Andura has now developed Pro-Flex Ultimate which is specially formulated to combine all the benefits of Pro-Flex technology with improved breathability, water and dirt resistance for a harder wearing, longer lasting and beautiful finish to keep exterior walls in top condition. Pro-Flex Ultimate comes in 16 standard colours, plus a colour matching service is available.

Pro-Flex is classified as ‘highly breathable’ and ‘highly water resistant’ as tested in accordance with German (DIN), European (EN) and International (ISO) standards. The addition of silicon resin and silane to Pro-Flex considerably improves resistance to dirt pick-up.

Andura provides a technical support package to engineers, architects, specifiers, end-users and contractors as well as training and on-site assistance.