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20 June 2018

Tips and Products to Keep Your Garden Looking Great This Summer

With the extended period of good weather coming not long after our peak season, we know there will be a lot of plants out there trying to establish in fairly challenging conditions. So we wanted to provide some advice and suggested products for newly planted hedging as well as established hedging to ensure that your hedges and gardens thrive through the warmer months.

Watering Advice During Hot Summer Months

Newly Planted Hedging
Water, water, water - if the weather has been hot, newly planted hedging of any type needs to establish its root system and bed in. The mistake often made is to presume that because the top layer of soil is wet, that the roots will be too. Carefully dig down a couple of inches near the plants to check how far the water has saturated - if it's not past this point, water more to reach the roots as until they are established they won't be efficient at drawing water from around and below and won't grow as well as a result. 
Established Hedging
Most established hedging will have a root system developed enough to draw ground water from below, but during hot weather, it may still need a helping hand. Water every few days or weekly to the base of the plant.
(Tip: water morning or evening to ensure least evaporation from the soil - take care however to water sufficiently but not to overwater, it's a fine line!)
All Hedging
To help ensure that your hedge establishes and thrives through the summer, we have a selection of planting, watering and fertilising products that will help support all root systems and promote healthy plant growth, new or established. Click below to see our range of 'Planting Essentials'.

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