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Earth Anchors enhancing outdoor spaces following smoking ban

15 May 2009

Following the smoking ban introduced in July 2007, many public spaces have been plagued by cigarette ends following the exodus of smokers to the outside environment.

This knock-on effect of the smoking ban legislation has seen a shift in smokers moving outdoors resulting in the littering of the immediate outdoor area.

All enclosed or substantially enclosed public places and workplaces, such as pubs, bars, restaurants, factories and offices are affected by the smoking ban and overall responsibility for policy implementation and review rests with the person in control of the premises. However, the onus also includes immediate external areas such as paths.

Earth Anchors have the solution with their Cigarette Bin, made from Stainless Steel and having a 6-litre capacity, the receptacle can be wall or post mounted and comes supplied with all necessary fittings.

The Earth Anchors Cigarette Bin enables the premises’ owners to take control of the overall look and first impressions of the establishment by reducing and eliminating the cigarette ends in entrance areas and approaches.

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