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New Field Management Solution by Synel UK enables real time connection of fieldworkers to the office!

29 May 2019

Synel UK, an innovative Workforce Management Solutions company, announced today its new Field Management Solution Release that provides complete management of field employees’ activities and reporting via a smartphone app.

Especially designed for sectors that need to manage a great number of employees like engineering, construction, maintenance and care workers, the new Field Management Solution is the ‘everyday handy tool’ you will ever need to manage your Mobile Workforce.

Now you can benefit from:

•    Reduction in time to schedule
•    Increase in visibility in work execution
•    Increase in Resource utilisation per day
•    Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Yuval Gonen, Synel UK CEO said, “As we have field engineers ourselves, we were looking for a better way to utilise our resources, managing their activity and tracking performance while providing better visibility to our customers. We found there was a real gap in the market and decided to develop the solution ourselves. The new Field Management module is fully integrated with Synel’s Workforce management suite and provides those services intuitively on the mobile phone and with Maps view. It is a fantastic addition to Synel’s toolkit.”

How does it work?

Fieldworkers can download the new app on their smartphones. The app will also work offline. All the data recorded during offline will be sent when the signal is back. The app gives the office the ability to assign an activity to a customer, site or contact person or to multiple contacts and sites. When an employee receives a new job, he will be sent a notification to alert him via the app and via email. He will also be alerted if there is a change of schedule to an existing job!

While working on a new job the employee can start the job tracker which will automatically record time spent on the job. When the job is completed, he can stop recording and all info will be available to the office. With a new Geolocation feature the office can easily track where the employee is, based on the info from his last swipe. Employee can also capture important information on jobs such as photos, customer signatures, payments and notes. All his data will be available to the office in seconds!

The new App is available on both IOS and Android.

Synel UK develops, produces, supplies and installs workforce management solutions for data collection, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications. Synel UK has over 25 years of experience as a total solutions provider, offering a full range of hardware and software at very competitive prices. More than 2000 companies and organisations in the UK are using our systems, including IKEA, Royal Academy of Music, Honda UK, DHL (GB), Sainsbury’s and Arcadia Group just to name a few. A world leader of employee’s time & attendance data collection, Synel supplies complete hardware and software solutions for easy management and control of any organisations time resources. R&D is at the heart of Synel’s operations, transforming advance technologies into software solutions that make a difference in workplace. Synel…Time to be efficient!

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