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What is AdBlue, how does it improve the environment?

12 September 2019

Fuel storage manufacturer Fuel Proof Ltd has been consulting with its customers in recent years about the growing requirements of AdBlue storage and the challenges this presents.

In the following article Fuel Proof looks at what AdBlue actually is and the reasons for its recent surge in prominence.

With environmental issues high on the agenda of many governments nowadays, construction companies in particular are coming under a lot of pressure to adhere to increasingly stringent emissions regulations that are being put in place. This has led to diesel engines receiving somewhat of a hammering in the media in recent years, leading to many vehicle manufacturers to come up with innovative ways to reduce harmful emissions.

One of the latest techniques used to clean up diesel emissions is the increasing use of the AdBlue / DEF system, known less glamorously as selective catalytic reduction (SCR).  This involves using a solution of urea in water to treat exhaust gases to remove harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Although the AdBlue is stored in a separate tank within the vehicle, it is not injected into the engine like the diesel is.  Instead it is fed into part of the vehicle’s exhaust system, where a chemical reaction converts the harmful NOx gases into harmless nitrogen and water, thus making the vehicle using the AdBlue / DEF system environmentally friendly.

As you can imagine, with so many commercial vehicles, generator systems and heavy plant machinery traditionally being diesel engine, this is something that manufacturers of these vehicles have had to look at closely over the last couple of years.  

As a result, the fuel storage industry has also needed to adapt to these changing needs and as such fuel storage manufacturers like Fuel Proof Ltd are now manufacturing a range of combination tanks and dispensing systems that can accommodate both diesel and AdBlue.  Storing AdBlue in bulk also saves many companies money, as the price of the product decreases rapidly when bought in bulk as opposed to purchasing in smaller quantities on the forecourt.

With AdBlue increasingly becoming the norm with many new diesel engine vehicles, Fuel Proof are seeing a considerable uptake in diesel/AdBlue fuel storage tanks, particularly within their towable Bowser ranges, which are all-in-one units built to store, transport and dispense diesel and Adblue.  
These units feature an all steel construction with 110% bunded diesel tank, stainless steel AdBlue tank, twin dispensing systems and a tough chassis with heavy duty running gear.  These bowsers are fully compliant with current environmental regulations and, thanks to Fuel Proof’s industry leading build quality and innovation, provide unrivalled security, durability and efficiency.  

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the storage and use of AdBlue for your vehicles then get in touch with Fuel Proof by calling them on 01524 850685 or visit their website at for more information.

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