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Ever wondered what makes our staff tick?

23 September 2019

Or what they do when they're not at work? Or maybe you just want to put a face to a name.

Whatever your reason for being on the page, scroll down to learn about Lincoln Security's most valued asset. Our staff!

This week we're journeying into the accounts department, headed up by Linda and Jordan. Usually you'll only ever hear from either one of them if there's an outstanding invoice, but today we're getting to know our accounts team.

Linda heads up the accounts department and is our Finance manager, being in the role for over 15 years and fully MAAT Qualified!

In addition to keeping track of all the incomings and outgoings, Jordan has recently achieved AATQB status which means he is now an AAT bookkeeping member! In addition he's currently studying AAT Level 4 which will make him a fully fledged accountant.

In between balancing the books, we sat down with Linda and Jordan to see what they like the most about working at Lincoln Security.

Linda - No two days are the same. During my 15 years with the Company I have watched it grow from strength to strength more than doubling in employee numbers and customers. In my spare time love to help look after the grandchildren.

Jordan - Every day at Lincoln Security is different, so I’m always kept on my toes. Not only do I enjoy the work, but I also enjoy working in the company of my colleagues, we have a great group of hard working staff here at LS which really reflects in our success throughout the years. It’s also great to work alongside some of my family members, this means I am always pushed to do my best and be my best possible self.
Fun Fact - Some of Linda's favourite TV shows include 'The Big Bang Theory' and Gotham!
Fun Fact - Jordan is an avid Liverpool supporter and enjoys going to the company gym with his Dad and other work colleagues.

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