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Flame retardant ABS & Polycarbonate Enclosure range from Boxclever

17 July 2009

IP65 rated RP range has 15 different sizes made in ABS, Polycarbonate and clear lid version transparent polycarbonate lid and ABS base.

Sizes ranging from 65x60x40mm through to 165x85x55mm to the largest 220x165x85mm and also available is the large RS versions also to IP65.

The hand held version RH range comes in two versions IP65 two colours and two sizes 130x68x25mm and 160x85x30mm, with recess to lid.. The IP54 version 6 sizes with the removable front panel ranging from 60x100x25mm to the largest 100x195x40mm.

Also available a basic case the RL61 range to IP54 this is versatile enclosure there are12 sizes in this range has alternative flanged lid, recesses to the top and pcb mounts inside.

The project box is also to IP54 the RL60 range is a basic rectangle enclosure in four sizes it is stylized and has recess to both top and bottom and pcb stand offs in the base.

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