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Hazard offers heavy duty parking hazard solution

29 July 2009

The KerbStopper Rubber Buffers, from Hazard Safety Products park all vehicles safely including HGVs.

The solid rubber buffers are easily installed by bolting down on to concrete, asphalt, blocks or even tarmac surfaces, using a chemical resin. When positioned approx. 2.5m away from walls, fences, street furniture or any other hazard, vehicles are kept at a safe distance, which is particularly useful for loading areas and docking bays.

At  only 130mm x 150mm wide, the KerbStopper Buffers are designed not to cause any damage to vehicles, but simply give the HGV drivers a clear warning that they are parked correctly and safely. Pre-drilled and fitted fixing kits with bolt down zintec metal plates are supplied with all the fixing bolts for all types of surface applications. For extra safety and maximum effect, we cut the KerbStopper Buffers to the exact size to suit your site. Installation is straightforward and requires no marking out.

KerbStopper Buffers are manufactured in solid EPDM rubber for a tough and long service life. The product absorbs impact and quickly recovers back to 99.9% of its original shape when the load is removed.

The KerbStopper Buffer profile is the maximum height of buffer that all HGV trailers can be parked safely against without any damage, in particular damage to the mud flaps. When installed the KerbStopper Buffer will follow the shape and camber of site roads and car park surfaces.

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