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15 July 2020

Under the current Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, we have added a new category to our Safety Products range. Containing products which will help companies and businesses get back on their feet post lockdown, but still being able to conform to the social distancing advice and guidelines set out by the government. Including Anti Microbial Door Handles which kill 99.9% of bacterial, Desk Top and Reception Divider Screens and Workplace Divider Screens as well as Automatic and Elbow Operated Ha

Anti-Microbial Door Handle – Fingerplate and Pull Bar – Blue The ‘World’s First’ Antibacterial ‘To The Core’ range of handles. Our products have been independently UK tested and are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of all known harmful bacteria creating unique sterile surface that germs can not live on.

These handles are manufactured from a one piece, unique, non-porous, ultra strong durable nylon. The antimicrobial silver additive runs through the handles to their core, which is clinically certified to kill 99.9% of all known human bacteria and prevents any bacteria from growing on their surface, even if our product becomes scratched or damaged in any way, it still retains its antimicrobial properties.

Our unique material offers Antimicrobial Protection for life Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of all known human harmful bacteria including: Norovirus E. Coli MRSA C. Difficile Salmonella Fungal Legionella Key Benefits: Antimicrobial for the life of the product Scratch and water resistant Our unique material will not rust unlike standard metal handles UV & fade resistant Looks great and easy to clean Simple for your site team to install – simply screw fixes to existing doors – no need for a tradesman – all fixings supplied Supplied as a Set: 1 x Pull Bar and 1 x Fingerplate per Set Colour Options: Black Silver Blue Dimensions: 75mm Width Handles: 450 x 75 x 5mm (HxWxD) 100mm Width Handles: 450 x 100 x 5mm (HxWxD)

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