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Extension module sets standards for quality, ergonomics, set-up time and cost

18 August 2009

Those in the tool and die industry that have to carry out precision work in even the deepest of cavities can breathe a sigh of relief.

At a recent exhibition, the Lauffen-based toolholding and workholding specialist Schunk Intec presented a long, slim hydraulic expansion extension that dispenses with the need for auxiliary equipment and can transform almost any precision toolholder into a versatile tool for narrow spaces independent of the spindle interface. The precise run-out, excellent vibration dampening and internal coolant supply ensure outstanding machining results and long tool service life.

The high-precision, fine-balanced Tendo extension allows you to change tools in no time using only an Allen key. A special feature for tool extensions is the position of the clamping screw that is operated radially from the side. This makes tool changing particularly convenient, and means that tools can even be changed when in the machine. The intermediate sleeves allow you to reduce the standard clamping diameter of 12 or 20mm to suit your needs. This increases user flexibility even further.

The extraordinarily high torque of the hydraulically clamped extension ensures that tools are held securely for all boring, reaming and finish milling operations. A single Tendo extension can be fitted with a variety of standard tools, dispensing with the need for expensive specialist tools. With its high versatility, radial clamping insertion, internal coolant supply and high torque, the innovative extension sets standards for quality, ergonomics, set-up time and cost.

The extensions are now available in six different standard sizes with a shank diameter of 20 (L1 is 150mm) or 32mm (L1 is 150mm or 200mm) with clamping diameters of 12 or 20mm.