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12 May 2022

Oil pollution can be devastating to the water environment, causing harm to animals, insects and plant life; just 1 litre of oil has the capacity to contaminate 1 million litres of water. Accidents will inevitably occur and our range of spill kits and marine absorbents are designed to be your first line of defense.

The range of Marine Absorbent products supplied and manufactured by SERPRO have been designed to withstand the harsh environments of sea-going vessels and leisure craft in the more placid inland waterways. Our product range caters for not only harbours and large ocean-going ships but also the leisure user.

Our Absorbent Booms are used to protect larger areas of water when an oil or fuel spill has taken place and our small pack of bilge pads are exceptionally useful to the small craft end-user. Our Spill Kits are your first line of defence when a spill occurs enabling the user to boom the area where an oil or fuel spill has occurred providing a quick and effective response to the accident.

SERPRO Oil and Fuel Only Pads will float on water and exclusively absorb the oil, this type of absorbent pad is perfect when it comes to the absorption of hydrocarbon spills. They are an optimal product for rural and marina workers when operating close to any water and the possibility for oil, or fuel, pollution is very high. As they only absorb the hydrocarbon liquid these pads are often put into use as oil spill skimmers in ponds or rivers.

Booms are used to contain and control oil and fuel spills on waterways including bays, harbours, dams, rivers, ponds and drains. The absorbent booms are the perfect solution for protecting shorelines and jetties from oil contamination from boats, ships, rigs, barges or dredgers. Also used on riverbanks to protect inland waterways from spillage from machinery working near water. These large absorbent booms can also be used on land as their tough outer mesh sleeve has the ability to join and stay linked, they are the ultimate heavy-duty option for spill control and containment of oily contaminated water from workshops and wash pads as well as stormwater protection.

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