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Dementia-friendly clocks

23 June 2022

People living with dementia face a whole range of challenges on a daily basis. One of these is difficulty keeping track of time.

This isn’t just distressing for the patient but can also lead to them forgetting to eat meals, missing doctor’s appointments, and poor medication management. Since they may no longer be able to read a clock’s face or understand the positioning of the hands, special dementia clocks are often required. Dementia clocks utilise modern technology to make it easier to keep track of time. Read on to discover the best clocks for people with dementia.

Beaucare offer a range of dementia friendly clocks including:

Calendar clocks
Day clocks
Talking clocks
Reminder clocks

A dementia clock can help people with dementia to stay on top of the time, allowing them to retain more independence and control of their daily activities. Establishing a routine becomes easier and anxiety is reduced. If your loved one is struggling to keep track of the time, a dementia clock could be highly beneficial. As dementia becomes better understood and technology advances, more and more dementia clocks are coming on the market. Browse the excellent range of dementia clocks for sale at Beaucare today.

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