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Upgrade your existing hydraulic lift to VVVF and say goodbye to over heating oil.

28 September 2022

GF Lift Hydraulics had the pleasure of upgrading a Bucher LRV1 power unit to an Algi AZFR VVVF.

The lift was located in a busy hospital and the existing Bucher power unit suffered multiple failures caused by excessive heating due to the constant operation of the lift.
The new Algi VZFR power unit has completely transformed this lift from one that had a cooler running 24/7 and struggling to control the temperature of the oil, to now not requiring any oil cooling at all.
With the inclusion of the Algi interface box and wall mounted inverter, the existing control panel was able to be retained making this a very cost-effective solution.
The conversion was completed within a week and included not only the power unit upgrade to VF, but replacement hoses, replacement twin telescopic ram seals and a full load test and set up.