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11 January 2023

Identify Direct (ID), established in 1998 by David Levien, was acquired by Brian Castelino in 2018 to complement his existing company Machine Vision Technology (MVT).

Both companies specialise in factory automation, with ID focussed on barcode reading and verification, and MVT specialising in machine vision.  

Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, they are ideally positioned to supply barcode reading and machine vision equipment all around the UK, also exporting worldwide.

With many industry sectors now running state of the art hi-speed moving production lines, Identify Direct provides linear and 2D barcode readers for automatic identification. The benefits include saving on costly manpower, improving accuracy of reporting, efficiency and traceability, as well as adhering to customer or regulatory requirements. Brian Castelino explains:

“Our bread and butter is selling Honeywell scan engines and OMRON fixed mount cameras. Our customers are machine builders, integrators and end users from a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, food and distribution. They vary substantially in size and expertise and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor the level of support, offering guidance and engineering input if needed. If the customer knows what they want and just want us to source the equipment, then that’s fine! Sometimes though, what the customer wanted has been withdrawn from the market or is on the verge of obsolescence, so then we can direct them to the best alternatives”

One of the company’s newest products is the Checkrite which offers a complete barcode validation solution for production lines. Brian explains how it can help avoid production labelling mishaps.

“The Checkrite is a stand-alone, cost-effective system for preventing mis-labelling. It uses a scanner, a PLC (industrial computer), a traffic light set of lights to display the results and a production line stop circuit. It bolts to the side of a production line and checks every product in real time. The price is often sub £5,500 and can have a payback period of months and in some cases days! This makes it a ‘no brainer’ for the financial director and production manager alike”

Brian explains further:  

“Mislabelling is an ever-present danger which can result in fines and product recalls. With the CheckRite, we supply the equipment to ensure products have the correct labels and that the right product has the right label, which is readable, of good quality and is in the right place on the product.”

Many customers are longstanding and cannot speak highly enough of Identify Direct. Rachel Wilkinson from MGB Exports Limited explains why they love the company

“We have been using Identify Direct for over five years now and have always had a great relationship. Enquiries are always answered very quickly, fast turnaround on shipments where possible and we are kept up-to-date.”.


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