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BS 8519:2020 Explained and Our Recommendations

14 April 2023

BS8519:2020 is titled “Selection and installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety, firefighting, and other critical applications.

Code of Practice“. It is targeted at designers, fire engineers, and authorities such as HSE and building control.  Overall, the aim of the standard is to help systems maintain their circuit integrity for life safety purposes. Allowing firefighting systems to continue operating at a suitable level of performance.

Many smoke ventilation systems are simply used to aid means of escape only. Larger buildings, likely incorporate mechanical extract fans, pressurization systems, and smoke shafts which may actively be used by the fire brigade as a fire-fighting resource.  These varying systems and their cable requirements are assigned to categories. There are many different life safety systems referenced in the standard, but in the full article are some examples of systems that fall in each category and the fire survival time required from the field wiring.

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