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Bespoke Tambour Doors and Roller Shutters by Tatra Rotalac Ltd

25 April 2023

Tatra Rotalac offer two types of vertical tambour shutter doors: one with a mechanism for ease of operation, and one without, giving cost advantages whilst still being easy to operate.

Balanced spring roller shutters

Balanced Spring Roller Shutters incorporate Tatra Rotalac’s unique BSR mechanism, requiring no pre-tensioning. This shutter system has a smooth, safe and easy action.

The Balanced Spring Roller shutter mechanism can be used in cabinet heights up to 3000mm and widths up to 2000mm, depending on material selection.

Tatra Rotalac’s Balanced Spring Roller and simple vertical tambour shutter systems are available with a range of options to meet your specific requirements.

Simple vertical opening shutters

This shutter system has no mechanism as the tambour runs in a formed or moulded channel.

This is a great option for a lower cost solution and still offers the same fantastic range of options as the BSR system.

Side opening shutter systems

We also offer a range of side opening tambour shutter systems which comprise the 3 elements of the slatted “curtain”, a mounted or recessed track and the combined handle and lock.

The range is available in plastic (Ecoslat™), aluminum and steel.

The Ecoslat™ side opening tambour system, made from PVC slats, has been developed by Tatra Rotalac to provide a smoother and quieter operation ideally suited for side tambours. Innovative construction ensures the Ecoslat™ shutter forms a perfectly flat rigid surface, without the zigzagging effect of multiple strand shutters. The slats are available in either a sawtooth or smooth finish.

Our capabilities

We can produce shutters in plastic, wood, steel, and aluminum according to exact user requirements are unrivalled, offering multiple colour and finish options. We are able to colour match to any RAL colour and decorative effects are achieved by foiling, the use of special compounds, anodizing and coating techniques.

We have a range of accessories for your shutters including, finger pulls, centre stops, cover strips and fascia, handles, catches and tracks (L or P bend).

NEW! Powder Coating

Our aluminum tambour doors and roller shutters are now available with a powder coating!

Our powder coated tambour doors and roller shutters offer more customisation to your order and are available in all RAL colours.

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