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Security with Salon Tracker!

04 August 2023

Salon Tracker knows how important security is within your salon and business which is why we have a multitude of different features available to keep your salon secure.

A range of features including staff access levels, fingerprint reader integration and detailed reporting mean you can see and control what goes on in your salon.

Password protected staff access levels mean that you can control what your staff members can do and see on the system whilst also being able to monitor what each of your staff members are doing on the system throughout their shift.

Fingerprint reader integration means that as well as your staff members accounts being fully protected, so are your customers. When signing up in your salon customers would register their fingerprint to their customer card and would use this each time they came in to access their pre-paid  services and customer information.

Advanced Business reports also mean you can view what has happened on the system for any given day, from the Cashing Up report showing your takings to the Action Log which outlines all activity on the Salon Tracker that day.

All of these Features are available on both  the companies Professional and Enterprise software packages which starts at £60pcm.

Salon Tracker offers a FREE demo and 2-week trial, go to to enquire!


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