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Keep your print quality up, and your running costs down with Leibinger’s brand new IQJET.

15 August 2023

There are four aspects of the IQJET that are designed to improve quality, efficiency, and decrease cost of ownership, whilst also supporting your company’s sustainability objectives. How does it do this? With these crucial systems:

SMART.EFFICIENCY minimizes operating costs by ensuring that the IQJET has the lowest consumption on the market at ~ 2.7 ml/h solvent for MEK inks. Its ink cartridges are also emptied down to the last drop meaning unnecessary waste is eliminated, and the empty cartridges do not require separate disposal, unlike many other CIJ systems.

With most industrial printers, they will need cleaning and servicing from time to time which causes the production line to stop and incurs additional costs.

IQ.PRINT technology on the IQJET prevents expensive downtime by removing that need for cleaning by keeping unused ink in a 100% airtight system meaning no clogging or cleaning.

SMART.CARE technology also prevents downtime. This IQJET system means the printer is maintenance is free for five years which is made possible using durable, high-quality components and its unique design that minimizes wear and tear.

SMART.OS massively reduces installation, training and management time involved with the IQJET. This function ensures that the system can be installed easily into any production line, and with intuitive operation via a 10” touchscreen display and drag and drop functions, the IQJET can be mastered by anyone in your team.

Want to learn more and see how the IQJET can benefit your production line? Contact us today.

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