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Mechanised arboriculture

09 October 2023

Plantscape’s grapple saw lorry makes the process of removing trees safer and more efficient.

It eliminates the risks associated with staff working at height and removes staff from high risk areas beneath the tree. It's considerably more efficient than traditional methods of working from a Mobile Elevating Work Platform or from ropes and harness. This often results in cost savings, particularly on larger jobs and roadside jobs where efficiency is key to minimise disruption and traffic management.

Branch and trunk sections are grabbed, cut, and then safely placed on the ground all from the safety of the cab. With tree diseases, such as Ash Dieback and Sooty Bark Disease, on the increase, Plantscape's grapple saw lorry is ideal for removing dead and dangerous trees. These have always been particularly tricky to remove as they can’t be climbed and are prone to shattering and failing, putting staff and the public at risk.

Plantscape is based in Norwich, Norfolk and offer a full range of arboricultural and landscape services.

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