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Beyond Taboos – The Rise of Menopause Focused Beauty

25 October 2023

As recently as 10-years ago, menopause was shrouded in silence and discomfort.

Although this physiological transition for women is completely natural and deserving of acknowledgment and support, for so long it was seen as a taboo subject that should be kept behind closed doors.

This silence was, in part, due to misconceptions about this phase of every woman’s life. But the narrative surrounding menopause is now changing, with brave and prominent voices stepping forward to elevate the dialogue. Prominent figures, like Andrea McLean, a renowned broadcaster and journalist, and much-loved TV presenter, Davina McCall, have been key in moving the conversation forward, by sharing their own journeys and shedding much needed light on the many and diverse challenges associated with menopause.

The beauty and cosmetics industry, which had traditionally overlooked this large demographic, started to sit up and take notice. As more women spotlighted the unique physiological changes they were experiencing – such as declining oestrogen levels leading to drier, more sensitive skin, and hair loss – it was evident there was a need for specific products to support the skin transitions of pre- and menopausal women. So, brands began developing products formulated to hydrate, soothe, and protect menopausal skin.

Acknowledging and addressing these unique requirements wasn’t just a commercial move. It symbolised a broader, societal awakening to the specific needs, concerns, and experiences of women at this life stage, and highlighted the industry’s commitment to inclusivity and the holistic well-being, confidence, and comfort of women.

Let’s look at some brands that offer menopausal ranges:

Luna Daily
Born from a personal teenage experience, founder Katy Cottam, started Luna to shine a light on female topics that have been cloaked in darkness for so long. Working with expert dermatologists and gynaecologists, she created ‘head, vulva, knees & toes’, a microbiome balancing body care range for all skin areas, and for all stages of womanhood.

Watermans is a Queens Award-winning brand and the brainchild of Gail and Matt Waterman who, for many years, both suffered with different hair loss issues. Their ultimate collection of menopausal hair loss products addresses the unique challenges women face before, during, and after this transitional stage of life.

Having gone through her own skin changes during menopause, Founder Marina, developed her patented Tri-Active Formula and a range of skincare products to help other menopausal women embrace the skin they’re in.

Founded by Dr Haller, Vichy has led the way in cosmetics and skincare innovation for over 80-years. All their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and clinically proven, and they offer two ranges specifically formulated for skin during and after the menopause.

Glowwa is a hair nutrition brand providing vitamins to support healthy hair growth. Their menopause specific, expertly formulated food supplement, MENO™️, helps with maintaining hair health and wellbeing during perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

Founded by Michelle Doherty, Alpha-H is an Australian skincare brand with 27+ years of experience delivering exfoliating acids for all ages and skin concerns. Their Peri and Menopause Skin Kit has been designed to help with dryness and dehydration often experience by women before and during menopause, while also combating fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and uneven tone and texture.

Evolve Organic Beauty
Launched in 2009 by Founder Laura Rudoe, Evolve Organic Beauty offers natural, organic beauty products aimed at helping women live a little greener every day. Their Menopausal Skin Saviour bundle is for any woman wanting to take back control of their changing skin. These products support ageing, and bring brightness and life back to skin, helping you to glow from the inside.

Equi London
Equi’s mission is to remove the confusion around supplements with their range of all-in-one formulas that work with every part of you. Their Daily Menopause Oil edition is an ingestible oil blend, containing 6 nutrient rich, organic, super-pure oils, and has been specifically formulated to help women in their forties and beyond combat inflammation and dryness throughout their bodies.

No7 Beauty
This popular skincare brand has collaborated with over 7,000 menopausal women to develop their ‘No7 Menopause Skincare’ range. The range is aimed at targeting the visual signs of reduced oestrogen and collagen that many menopausal women face as their bodies change.

As you can see with such a diverse range of quality products available, the beauty and cosmetics industry are now fully acknowledging and catering for the distinct skincare needs of women at all stages of the menopause. This signals a bright future where the industry can continue to transcend age and evolve with women to ensure they feel seen, valued, and cared for at every stage of their life journey.

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