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A fresh new look…

08 November 2023

Here at Cooleasy we’ve recently launched our brand new and thoroughly improved website!

Not only have we had a re-brand with a fresh new logo but we’ve added new categories, new products, new brands and lots more information.

Now, you can search for the perfect product to meet your requirements in a variety of ways using our intuitive menu. You have the options of Cooling, Heating or Drying products across the top to shop quickly, or you can go in the Shop By menu down the left-hand side as select from the desired room location or building location you wish to use the product in.

If those options aren’t enough, you can always shop by brand and go directly to your favorite manufacturer directly!

On top of a new way to shop, should you find yourself in a position where you’re shopping for a product but not quite sure if it’s the correct product for what you desire, you can check out our buyers guides to get more details on how products work and what features you may find advantageous.

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