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Conservatory Projects

29 November 2023

With Christmas just around the corner many of us are trying to work out how we are going to fit everyone around the dining room table on Christmas Day!

Every year many of us say the same thing, such as "this house is just too small for us now", "I wish we had a larger dining room", "next year we're moving house" and when surrounded by empty dinner plates, torn hats from crackers and wrapping paper everywhere, the ever-explosive, grand finale "you can hardly swing a cat in here!!"

So why not make it more than just a comment!?! This Christmas, when you struggle to breathe with everyone in one room sitting elbow-to-elbow why not just sit back enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by family and actually make plans to ensure next year will be different. Waveney Windows often work on conservatory projects with the main aim of increasing living space which can be enjoyed all year round - as well as Christmas.

Adding a well-planned conservatory makes sure family gatherings are more enjoyable with more personal space but increased living space can be enjoyed every day of the year. With the latest amazing designs to ensure heat retention in winter and cool temperatures in summer Waveney Windows' conservatories are perfect to be enjoyed during the day as well as a fun, impromptu party in an evening, with dimmed lighting and wine glasses in-hand!  

Conservatories really are the answer to so many solutions. As well as the potential to increase dining areas and space to enjoy social gatherings they can provide much appreciated space for day-to-day activities. Children and grandchildren can enjoy the extra room to play and store toys, and people of all ages can use the space to enjoy hobbies.

They can be used as games rooms, study areas, a place just to relax with a book and enjoy the scenery. Or why not really impress by adding a grand piano, something which so many pianists dream of owning....but there is just never enough room!! Let Waveney Windows help you change this!

This Christmas as you sit back and imagine your dream living space make the decision to call us to arrange a free consultation to start making this a reality. Our team will help you design the perfect increased living area which will not just meet your requirements but go that bit further too!