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QC explains the types of Commercial Flooring

19 March 2024

The flooring for your commercial premises can be a costly investment. Any business needs investment to last and so it is important to consider what type of flooring is correct for your particular application. Your budget may also be an important factor.

The types of commercial flooring these days is pretty impressive. From carpet to vinyl, there are a variety of materials that perform well in all manner of spaces with the most common being carpet. There are however plenty of options available and whilst some can be application specific, there are many others for use in almost any location.
Hardwood flooring is the most common type of commercial flooring. Offering a high degree of durability, it can last up to five times longer than laminate or vinyl flooring.
Lino is a popular option, offering good sound absorption and excellent slip resistance. Resilience and durability provide good value for money.
Vinyl flooring is another popular option offering low maintenance costs, yet still providing high levels of durability. Vinyl flooring is ideal for heavy-duty applications and is available in practically every conceivable colour, helping your business stand out.
Carpet is ideal for public areas such as receptions and meeting rooms, even alongside hardwood floors in schools, providing a welcoming atmosphere, warmth and comfort.
Ceramic tile flooring can be a popular choice for commercial floors due to its durability and being virtually maintenance free. Made from clay or porcelain, they can be more expensive than other materials, but are much more resilient to damage from traffic. Available in many different colours and styles, these can give a unique impression for your business.
Tiles made from natural stone are a popular choice for commercial floors because they look great and come in a variety of colours and patterns. There are many different types of stone tiles available, including limestone, marble and granite.
Marble flooring is available in many styles ranging from plain white to patterned designs. Marble tiles have been used since ancient times both in domestic and commercial settings as well as in public areas such as hotels and restaurants where they can add elegance and sophistication to any space.
Concrete floors are the most common commercial flooring for businesses with heavy traffic such as warehouses, factories, shops and other industrial premises.

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