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Beach Wheelchair

25 May 2010

John Preston & Co has just the “JoB” for our changeable weather!

Naidex was a chance to see lots of interesting and innovative products and John Preston & Company marked their first year as exhibitors by showing exactly that type of product. 

The JoB (Joy on the Beach) wheelchair is a remarkable and multi-function product by Italian Manufacturers Neatech. John Preston & Company, always quick to see an exciting opportunity is now the UK & Ireland importer for the range and developing their distributor network.

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Snow, Beach and Swimming pools should bring to mind fun, relaxation and play but for some less able clients it only means anxiety, self-consciousness and missing out – We believe JoB is the answer!

It’s called Joy on the Beach (JoB), and it’s the answer many of us have been waiting for. Call it a beach wheelchair, call it a beach buggy or pool aid, this Italian invention has finally landed on our shores and is sure to revolutionize the way we enjoy ourselves!

The Joy on the Beach (JoB) is the original Beach Wheelchair. Stylish, yet light and sturdy, the JoB is equipped with innovative buoyancy wheels that make it easy to roll from the beach directly into the open water for access to swimming and splashing fun.

Made of an aluminum alloy it won’t degrade and will give years of enjoyment on the beach, in the snow or by the pool. Stylish and colourful this product looks at home by the poolside or on the beach and is comfortable and excellent for use as a supportive and relaxing sun lounger.

The JoB chair can be easily and safely lowered directly into the swimming pool and can mean an end to waiting in frustration for pool attendants or the embarrassment and even fear which some feel by having to use conspicuous and “unfriendly looking” pool side hoist. Its air-filled balloon wheels make the JoB buoyant and therefore easy to roll the swimmer up and out of the pool quickly with minimal effort.

The JoB means that even a snowball fight or sledging isn’t off limits!

Ingeniously simple in its construction and design and lightweight (just 13kgs) the JoB chair dismantles easily and can be taken on holiday or stored in its travel bag so you never have to miss out on the fun whether it’s in snow or sun!

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