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27 May 2010

Councils and authorities across the country have been spending millions of pounds repairing the nation’s roads which quite often are the same holes being repaired again and again.

One major cause is that traditional and HAPAS products are made up of petroleum based solvents like diesel, toluene, kerosene and naphthalene that are attacking and eating away at the other components within it and the surface onto which it has been applied the moment they are laid hence they require a primer and over banding to compensate that they provide less than permanent results.

But, as with all product evolution, there is a new solution to road repair which is more durable, cost effective, less polluting and kind to the environment, whilst as a result showing truly “green” credentials.

RonaRoad GreenPatch has a zero VOC softener and no petroleum cutback, provides 12 months bag shelf life against 1 month traditionally found, no primer or over banding required, workable down to -25ºC, goes down in the wet, reduces whole life costings and is truly permanent unlike rebranded existing products out there –

In fact, our confidence in this product is so high that even if you can find a product that matches the above? We will undertake any on site product v product comparison test to prove greater performance whilst being green.

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