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07 July 2010

Dwyer Instruments, Inc is announcing the release of its NEW SERIES RHP-W HUMIDITY/DEW POINT/TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER.

he Series RHP-W Wall Mount Humidity/Dew Point/Temperature Transmitter is the most versatile room transmitter on the market. The stylish housing is very well vented to provide air flow across the sensor to improve measurement accuracy. There is an optional LCD display which can be integral to the transmitter or a remote display can be ordered for building balancing or LEED validation.

The LCD display indicates the ambient temperature and either the humidity or dew point. The transmitter has internal dip switches to select the temperature engineering units and whether the transmitter outputs humidity or dew point.

The humidity and temperature sensors are field replaceable to reduce service cost and inventory. The humidity and the dew point are measured using a capacitive polymer sensor that completely recovers from 100% saturation. The humidity and dew point can have either a current or voltage output, while the optional temperature output can be a current, voltage, RTD, or thermistor.

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