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26 July 2010

AutoLawnMow is the UK’s leading supplier of robot lawn care mowing systems

AutoLawnMow is the UK’s leading supplier of robot lawn care mowing systems. AutoLawnMow is now offering a range of 10 different style models to choose from, covering lawn sizes from tennis court to 3.5 acres lawns AutoLawnMow has a robotic lawn care mowing system to suit all lawn sizes. AutoLawnMow has seen a huge rise in the number of customers moving from traditional lawn mowing over to automatic lawn mowing as the benefits speak for themselves as all our robot lawnmower systems are ECO friendly. This world class products are produced in Europe and deliver quality and style to the end consumer.For the second consecutive year, the Zucchetti Group have been highly ranked in the "Truffle 100", an organisation which ranks and analyzes the performance of the top 100 European software companies. The research and results are available on a yearly basis and provide valuable information on the growth within the software sector. Viviane Reding (E.U. commissioner for Media and Informatics Companies), is glad to welcome The 2009 Truffle 100 Europe index "as a very valuable tool to measure and analyze the software industry".The Zucchetti group was awarded for the development and innovation within the field of robotics. Offering Hi-tech products designed for the home through to the commercial industry. The group specialize in automated home appliances, as well as those for outdoor home applications, it also services offices and public areas too. It carries out extensive market research, providing important information to ensure that they continue to provide the latest innovation within the field of robotics from the point of design through to the engineering of products and services, and onto the final delivery of goods to various market sectors. Due to the remarkable results obtained in 2007 (205 million turnover with an increase of 12% compared to the previous year, 5,000 new customers, over 60,000 existing customers, 100 new employees, mainly in the research and development area within their robotic division, a total of 1,700 employees), Zucchetti Group succeeded in repeating this accomplishment. At the event, hosted in Brussels at the European Parliament, Mr Antonio Grioli, President of Zucchetti Group Board of Directors, declared: "Maintaining leadership is much more difficult than obtaining it, but the distinction offered by the European Union makes us proud, because it demonstrates that our company is not only an Italian leader, but also a European top level software company. The facts speak for themselves: perceptually, the company expanded three times more than the IT market and four times more than the software area; the two digits turnover increase concerns not only the 'historical' market, +32% in the professional area, but also SMB and large companies: +11% for Management/Erp solutions, +35% for HR applications, +30% for Business Intelligence tools, +22% for Security and Robotic Automation systems.This is because Zucchetti Group can understand, analyze and meet customers' requests and help them in developing their business. In order to reach these targets, approximately 1,000 out of 1,700 employees are involved in the research and development area. They are also focused on improving the current solutions and creating new ones according to the market requirements: namely Micro ERP company management and the solution for digital archive, offered in Software as a Service mode. Zucchetti Partners represent another strong point; over 800 structures in Italy and 100 abroad, which not only resell our products, but are able to customize them and supply services of a higher value. AutoLawnmow was appointed sole distributor for the range of Zucchetti products for the UK and Ireland. Today AutoLawnMow has achieved some remarkable results in marketing our range of robotic products via their exclusive dealership program. AutoLawnMow is currently expanding its network of exclusive dealers throughout the UK and Ireland in 2010 and beyond. Software manufacturers should understand their partners' business model and work with them to promote growth, because this is the only way to create a strong and focused group. Partnerships which were set up in 2007 have generated a business volume exceeding 1 billion Euros. Despite the economical conjuncture, Zucchetti group continues to invest in people as well as in research and development. The company, which desires to continue being a leader in innovation, must have a long term strategy and must be able to generate value for itself and its partners. "Concluding his declaration, Mr. Grioli thanked the authorities, the organizers and the participants at the event in Brussels, And he has high expectations that next year Zucchetti will hold high the Italian and European flag once again. Contact AutoLawnMow UK todayBusiness,, Contact:E-mail:,, Skype:autolawnmow_ltd_ireland, MSN: AutoLawnMow Reg. Offices:Head Office UK:AutoLawnMow, 28 Church Lane, East Carlton, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. LE16 8YA. Tel :+ 44 1536 210216 Head Office Ireland AutoLawnMow, Dublin RD, Oldcastle, Co Meath, Ireland, Tel:+ 353 1 4370886

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