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17 August 2010

Warmtouch – Thermilate’s unique semi-gloss coating makes handrails and other metal surfaces ‘warm to the touch’ and 'non-slip'.

This exceptional product also prevents handrails becoming slippery caused by condensation and other outdoor conditions, especially during the cold, wintery months, so fully conforming to the Building Regulations 2000 Law which states “handrails need to be slip resistant and not cold to the touch”. Once dry, Warmtouch creates a thermal barrier, made possible by unique cutting edge insulating technology NanoCNB. When used on metal surfaces such as handrails, it’s thermal barrier incredibly reflects the heat from your hand BACK to your hand, instead of allowing the handrail to absorb the heat. This whole process happens in micro-seconds, giving it an ongoing warming effect, so the surface feels and is warmer to the touch and non-slip. From multi-nationals to public sector organisations including the NHS, MoD and sports clubs, to nursing homes, hotels, office blocks and schools – in fact anywhere where metal in all its forms such as handrails comes into contact with the human touch - DDA compliant Warmtouch enables you to meet all your legal obligations in this respect whilst making it more comfortable for the people who come into contact with it. Warmtouch is also widely used on gates, fences, scaffolding tubes, street furniture and benches to make them warm to the touch. Warmtouch is available in the five most popular colours in 5L tins and retails at £63.78. The full range of RAL colours can be ordered in quantities of 50L or over, (delivery on these items normally within 14 days). Warmtouch also benefits other metal surfaces where the inside needs to remain cooler such as railway signal boxes, metal containers and air conditioning units. Warmtouch reflects the heat from the sun AWAY from these units so helping to keep the interiors cooler and function more efficiently. Just two coats of this easy-to-use coating can be applied by brush or spray. This cost-effective, weatherproof, abrasion resistant coating is also highly resistant to chemical and water leakage, providing premium quality, comfort and safety - making Warmtouch the perfect outdoor coating solution available today.

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