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26 August 2010

Let’s talk about a “sticky subject” – the facts about eyelash adhesive! There are so many confusing claims and in some cases a distortion of the facts by certain companies.

Lash Perfect’s Ultimate Adhesives, in both the original and odour free formulas, are of the highest quality. Such high quality is a result of two years of extensive research, trials and working with chemists at the world’s top adhesive company.

The adhesives are manufactured in Europe under stringent EU regulations and conform to International Standards and have been allocated an ISO number.  As all therapists will be aware eyelash adhesives are the key product in an eyelash extension treatment. Many adhesives imported by UK eyelash extension companies are compromised because they are subject to several long haul flights, usually from Korea to America and then on to the UK or Ireland.

However, Lash Perfect’s adhesives, because they are manufactured in the EU, only have to travel from Europe to the UK. This ensures that the high quality Lash Perfect requires to be maintained is never compromised.

The growth of eyelash extensions as a salon treatment in the UK over the last few years has been exceptional. As a result of such growth eyelash extensions have recently been added to the new beauty standards as an option on the level 3 pathway. With this in mind Lash Perfect has put together comprehensive college training packages which will offer a college a range of options to suit the needs of the college and students alike.

Anyone interested in introducing Lash Perfect eyelash extensions as a course at their college should contact Helen Jones on 07834 346 554 for more information on the packages that Lash Perfect can provide or to discuss any requirements further.

Tutor of the Year

Lash Perfect were delighted to sponsor Tutor of the Year at the Babtac awards earlier this year at Kensington Roof Gardens. The sponsorship of this award reflects the importance we attach to the quality of training within the beauty industry. The Lash Perfect eyelash extensions has recently been approved as a Habia CPD Provider and qualifies for 8 CPD hours. Any college tutors interested in adding the course to their curriculum should contact the office on 020 8500 9028.

La La Lashes

Not only are eyelash extensions proving to be incredibly popular but so also are strip lashes. Over the past year Lash Perfect has designed and launched a new range of strip lashes, La La Lashes. A new addition to the collection is our ‘Dolce’ and ‘Delight’ lashes which are easy to wear at any time day or night. The salon retail stand is being amended in order to be able to incorporate these new designs. Please contact the office for more information on 020 8500 9028.


We at Lash Perfect have noticed that while salon owners are very aware of the increased turnover and profitability of offering lash extensions in their business they are becoming more and more concerned about the quality of products, particularly the adhesive, and the standards of training being offered by a number of companies.

Lash extensions are no different from any other commodity in that there can be an enormous variance in quality from brand to brand and very cheap prices usually mean very cheap products. As a leading brand, Lash Perfect owned by The Eyelash Design Company Limited has become increasingly concerned about the low standard lash extension products and training that are on offer, both to salons directly and through wholesalers. 

It has become apparent that a number of lash extension companies are prepared to provide training, and sell products, to people with no beauty qualifications and without even a basic knowledge of safety standards and precautions when working around the eye. These people were being trained ‘no questions asked’ before being let loose on un-suspecting clients which in some instances is damaging the reputation of what is a fantastic salon service.

Often those who have experienced inadequate training are unsurprisingly disappointed, having invested considerable time and money. On contacting reputable brands such as Lash Perfect, there is often no choice for us but to advise them to start from scratch - a complete waste of their hard earned money. There is an old saying which is very often true “you buy cheap you buy twice”!


In order to meet the demands of wholesalers who want to provide high quality eyelash extension products and training to their customers, the Eyelash Design Company recently launched its successful export brand, Lash FX, in the UK. The Lash FX brand has been designed specifically with wholesalers in mind. It offers accredited, certified training and the same top quality products as Lash Perfect. The Lash FX adhesives meet the EU manufacturing requirements and have been assigned an ISO number. Wholesalers who become Lash FX suppliers will be provided with a stunning Lash FX trade counter to help promote the products effectively. 

With the launch of Lash FX in the UK it is now possible for therapists to buy top class products from your convenient local wholesaler. So why settle for less than the best when it comes to a high ticket salon service where you are working on clients’ eyes and working to fulfil clients’ expectations. All our Lash FX training is delivered onsite at the wholesaler’s premises by one of our highly qualified experienced trainers.

Contact your local wholesaler for more information. For a list of our Lash FX suppliers go to Any wholesaler interested in becoming a Lash FX supplier should contact us on 020 8500 9028.

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