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Dan-Wood Energy-Efficient Houses Use FlexiDry

01 October 2010

Budimex Danwood Ltd specialise in the design, factory pre-fabrication and on-site construction of exceptionally high quality and energy-efficient timber frame houses.

The energy-efficient houses are built to a fixed-price, guaranteed timetable of just eight to ten weeks. With their recent house build in Cornwall to be completed in only 7 weeks, including all internal finishes with the exception of the kitchen, a fast drying floor screed was needed to meet the build timescales. FlexiDry F3 floor screed was chosen, allowing final floor finishes to be laid after just 21 days, as this fitted perfectly with the build program. In addition, FlexiDry floor screed allows foot traffic after just 12 hours meaning following trades are not delayed. The house was designed by Dan-Wood following the customer’s guidelines and was constructed utilizing their off site manufacturing system with includes all windows and doors factory fitted. Dan-Wood houses are synonymous with low-energy consumption. They do this through additional built-in wall insulation and innovative use of geothermal pumps, solar and ventilation systems, which only use “renewable” sources of energy. Also only timber from sustainable managed forest resources is used and high performance and energy-efficient windows and doors are factory fitted to further optimise thermal performance. FlexiDry fast drying floor screed can be installed at a reduced thickness compared to standard cementitious screeds and therefore less material is needed per project. This ultimately results in less cement being used thus reducing the carbon footprint of any project where FlexiDry is used compared standard cementitious screeds. Currently there are 1.25 tonnes of Co2 expelled in the production of every one tonne of cement. With the screed dry times guaranteed when using a FlexiDry fast drying floor screed, there is no need for a liquid surface DPM to be laid on the screed to retain the moisture before final floor finishes are laid, unlike some other fast drying screeds, resulting in further cost savings. Following the successful screed installation in the house in Cornwall by J.H. Lidstone Ltd, and the client being very happy with the performance of FlexiDry fast drying floor screed, it has been specified on a number of other Dan-Wood houses to be built in the UK in the coming months.

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