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NEW! Nubar Infinity Soak-Off UV Gel System!

13 October 2010

Soak-Off Colour Gels from Nubar are high shine gels created to replace nail polish in a spectrum of colours.

Palms Extra /Nubar is pleased to announce the long awaited launch of the Nubar Infinity Soak-Off UV Gel System.

Now Nubar offers the colours that your clients love in a long lasting, UV cured, Infinity Soak-off Gel Formula. For ten years Nubar has been an innovator in the nail care industry, and now applies that innovative spirit to Soak-Off Gels with our cutting edge Infinity Soak-Off UV Gel System.

Infinity Soak-Off Colour Gels can be applied to the natural nail and UV Cured for a manicure that lasts for up to two weeks. They apply smoothly and easily for consistently flawless results.

For longer nails, Infinity Soak-Off Colour Gels can be applied with Infinity Builder Gel enhancements. Nubar has exceeded expectations with creating an advanced Soak-Off UV Gel System, that Strengthens Nails, gives great adhesion and flexibility, has minimal damage to the natural nail plate as well as a non-yellowing formula.

Removal is easy as Infinity Soak-Off Colour Gel can be soaked off in as little as 10 minutes. With time being a salon essential this system will be favoured by nail technicians across the country.

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