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cut out raised copper lettering for retail signage project

14 October 2010

Sign Post have installed their second set of cut out solid copper lettering in the City of Bath

Architechtural lettering comes in a wealth of types, materials and styles. They can be cut from flat sheets, moulded from acrylic and metal, or formed with "sides" to add depth. The most commonly seen are cut from acrylic in various colours, and fitted with stand-off fixings so that they cast a shadow on the surface behind. The same technique is used with wooden, aluminium and stainless steel. Ther is a relatively new materia too: composite aluminium, which is lightweight but robust and can be painted any colour. In the search for something more unusual, Sign Post have offered lettering cut from copper. It has a beautiful lustre and looks very up-market. For this job we have fitted them with brass stand-off fixings with screw threads for longevity. The result is a completely unique and very impressive sign.

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