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Fork Lift Truck Inspection System Introduced at IMHX

21 November 2007

Pre shift checks are a vital part of safe Fork Lift Truck operation. The HSE recommends that inspections should be carried out at the beginning of each shift or day.

These regular checks help to ensure that the equipment being used is in a safe working condition thus reducing the risk of accidents.

The responsibility for implementing a system that will promote regular inspection of equipment is that of the employer. Operators must be encouraged to carry out these checks at the start of each shift or when taking over another truck. Mentor believes that the Fork Lift Truck Inspection System is the perfect solution when it comes to enforcing a pre shift check policy and is an essential tool for any organisation small or large.  The system is genuinely quick and an easy foolproof concept that can be used to guarantee trucks are checked at the proper time and that records of those checks are maintained.

Mentor will be introducing their Lift Truck Inspection system at IMHX. The system operates on the basis that each truck will have its own checklist that will stay with the truck at all times and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The inspection system is simple to use and includes a 50 sheet inspection record book, inspection pocket and two waterproof pockets mounted on the truck.


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