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Flowline flow switch & control for liquid & air/gas

06 December 2010

Liquid and gas flow switches that are used to detect or monitor flow and send a signal or alarm to another device

Flowline's liquid and gas flow switches are simple devices that are used to detect or monitor flow and send a signal or alarm to another device. They are useful tools in situations where it is important to know whether or not flow exists and to act upon that knowledge (for example they can be used to actuate a signal when flow stops, start a motor with flow, shut off an alarm when flow is adequate or stop a motor with no flow). Flow switches are used for a wide range of applications; some typical uses include: Low flow pump and process protection Ensuring sufficient flow of coolants and lubricants Leak detection eg in valves, seals, pipeline fittings Signalling "No Flow" or "Low Flow" in cooling circuits Chemical injection flow monitoring Warning of air leakage in compressed air systems "High Flow" and "Low Flow" alarm and general flow monitoring Reverse flow detection and monitoring The Thermo-Flo™ is a general purpose flow switch from Flowline offered in liquid or gas configurations The Thermo Flo is offered in PP or PVDF materials with a 1A relay for reliable switch interface with remote devices such as PLC, SCADA or alarm. It is available in short or long lengths: the short sensor is intended for use in pipe or ducting from 1/2" to 11/2"; the long sensor is applied in 2" and up. The liquid switch set point may be adjusted from 0.04 to 3 fps, and the gas switch from 1 to 90 fps. Adjustable set point with LED for flow or no-flow status indication Solid state sensor is not damaged by over-ranging flow velocities Compatible with Flowline alarm, controller and fitting accessories Further information on the complete range of Flowline flow switches is available at

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