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09 June 2011

Gemstar are pleased to announce that their Hot Towel Dispensers can now produce anti bacterial Hot Towels!

By using a 50 / 50 mix of disinfectant and water within our towel dispensers; a fresh, cleaning smelling antibacterial towel is produced.

What is Continu ?

Continu offers a disinfectant solution which has been proven to be over 99.999% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses in under 30 seconds.

BUT with the same hazard rating as water it can be used as a safe alternative to water in our Hot Towel Dispenser to deliver anti-bacterial hot towels.

As a water based product it is dermatologically beneficial as it does not contain any alcohol, acids or solvents that can damage the skin – users report a conditioning effect and with no harmful chemicals it is environmentally friendly.


 Quick – acts within 30 seconds to prevent harmful micro organisms reforming
 Efficient – kill rate of up to 99.999% to prevent bacteria, fungi or viruses
 Far Reaching – effective at removing bio film, an issue with standing water
 Long lasting – effective for weeks
 Dermatologically beneficial – as it contains no alcohol, acid or solvent it does not dry or damage skin and can act as a conditioner
 Odour free – it is not an artificial cover up to mask bad smells; it deals with the source of unpleasant odours to create a truly clean, fresh hot towel
 Environmentally friendly – contains no alcohol, solvents or acid to dispose

For further information contact our sales department on 01609 777009 or find us online at

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