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25 March 2008

Expert Legal Advice allows Net Lawman to advise on almost any legal topic, for less than half the price of a traditional, high-street solicitor

Net Lawman, the largest supplier of online legal documents adds a new service to their repertoire, offering fast, low cost legal advice. Their sister site, Expert Legal Advice allows Net Lawman to advise on almost any legal topic, for less than half the price of a traditional, high-street solicitor. Expert Legal Advice makes sure that getting the right advice at a professional level, is simple and affordable. Whether a client has a quick question requiring legal expertise, or a more complicated set of facts requiring careful consideration, Expert Legal Advice will help. ELA provide a minimum advice time of even ten minutes. Conversely, ELA can advise for longer periods if required. “We offer hassle free, low cost legal advice to professionals and individuals. We eliminate the inconvenience otherwise required when a client has to go to a high-street solicitor. With Expert Legal Advice, there are no travel costs, no “office expenses” and no waiting around.” explains ELA director, Andrew Taylor. Legal professionals with more than fifty years experience first research the case. They then produce a legal report, detailing the situation from a legal standpoint. Then, most importantly, the team provides a report detailing the client’s options. These are practical options; taking into account the client’s other circumstances, to ensure that the client is fully informed. This allows them to make a better decision. The experts at ELA can further draft letters and other legal documents once the client has been made aware of their options. So not only do Expert Legal Advice provide the advice, they follow up from start to finish. While they cannot represent clients in court, they will do their best to ensure that court is the last resort, preferable by resolving the situation before circumstances reach that stage. The team at ELA are real people and as such, we value your time and investment. We strive to respond to your queries within 24 hours. Best of all, if we take less time to complete your work, than the time you purchased, we refund you the unused time (and money) automatically, so you don’t lose a penny. “Expert Legal Advice is aimed at providing you easy access to professional legal advice. We have revolutionised the legal advice process to make it as convenient for you as possible.” adds Andrew Taylor. How to start? Clients can either prepay straight away and receive a legal report within a few days, or send a message to the team for an estimate and more information. About Expert Legal Advice Expert Legal Advice is an online provider of legal service operated by Andrew Taylor who has 20 years of experience as a solicitor. Most legal work is undertaken by Andrew, and by Rajeev Goswami, a lawyer based in India. They are assisted by English barristers for specialist employment work, as well as Rajeev's small team of Indian lawyers, and a French family law specialist, as required. This site has been created to satisfy the demand for basic legal advice at a low fixed price. Our professionals have shown a real knowledge of English law before they even begin to look at legal source material. We aim to provide advice which is helpful, concise, relevant and as thorough as your payment allows.

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