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Hydroforce launch pump for rainwater harvesting

19 January 2012

With the strapline 'quality under pressure' the rainwater harvesting pump from Hydroforce Pumps Ltd, is the only one manufactured in the UK and has been designed with a number of important features.

Perhaps the most important of these is the alloy bulkhead, pressure release gap and twin chamber design which prevents ingress of water to motor, electrical components and to bearing oil, and for which a patent has been applied for.

Other key features are that it is pressure sensitive (it turns itself off until there is a demand for water); it’s dry-run protected (it turns itself off when no water is detected); and it comes complete with factory fitted filter, connectors and non-return valve.

British manufactured in Peterborough with Italian styling, the new HydroForce pump provides a high quality solution for all those involved in rainwater harvesting from equipment providers and merchants to developers, contractors and water pump distributors.  It is guaranteed for two years and satisfies a need for a pump with good performance and reliability where other pumps have seen high percentage failure rates.

Individually tested and automatically logged for quality on the production line, the HydroForce pump has an impressive technical specification.  The new pump can be fully immersed in tank water or it can be externally connected to the tank above ground.  The pump will deliver up to 3.5 bar and delivers over 2,500 litres per hour using a one-inch connector.  Rated at 800w, on a 220v to 240v power supply, the pump is electronically controlled and features logic processors in the printed circuit board (PCB).

The dry-run protection design is one of the best available.  If no water is detected for eight seconds the pump is turned off by the PCB so as to protect the motor and pump from burning out.  There is an automatic re-set after a period of 30 minutes.  If water is still not detected, the subsequent re-set periods are one and a half, three, seven, twelve and twenty-four hours and then back to the beginning of the cycle.  Additionally, a thermal switch not connected to the PCB turns the pump off if the motor should overheat and re-sets when it’s cool again.

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