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About us

Weber Sensors (part of the Captor Group) are worldwide leading specialists of an extensive range of sensors specifically for the needs of water and wastewater treatment.

Dosing systems, flow monitoring, pump protection and air monitoring are only a few of the applications where our sensors are constantly meeting industry needs. From large pipe sewage applications down to the smallest of flow rates involving the most aggressive of chemicals, we can provide for all your sensing needs.

Our innovative range of products have expanded since our establishment in 1955 and are now recognised in various industries across the globe. These include Metal and Mining, Automotive and Transportation Technology, Air Conditioning, Power Stations and Energy Distribution, Water Treatment and Food Processing.

Weber Sensors Products:

Flow Captors
Advanced, precision-engineered sensors designed to efficiently monitor and measure liquid substances. Renowned for their exceptional accuracy, compact size, and durability, these sensors excel in a wide range of applications. Whether utilised for monitoring purposes or precise measurement tasks, flow captors offer unparalleled performance. Available in both switch and meter configurations, they provide versatile solutions for various industries and settings. With their robust construction and reliable functionality, flow captors stand as indispensable tools in fluid management systems, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Vent Captors
Innovative, compact sensors equipped with electronic components tailored for the monitoring and measurement of air and various gaseous substances. Known for their small size and advanced technology, these sensors offer exceptional accuracy and reliability in diverse applications. Whether deployed for continuous monitoring or precise measurement tasks, vent captors deliver superior performance. Available in switch or meter configurations, they provide flexible solutions suitable for a wide range of industries and environments. With their robust design and electronic sophistication, vent captors play a crucial role in ensuring efficient ventilation systems and optimal air quality management.

Foto Captors
Specialised hot metal detectors (HMD) designed to function effectively and consistently, even in demanding operational environments. These detectors are specifically engineered to excel in the harsh conditions typically encountered in steel mills. Renowned for their reliability and robust performance, foto captors ensure accurate detection of hot metals, enhancing safety and efficiency within industrial settings. Their ability to operate reliably under extreme conditions makes them indispensable tools for steel manufacturing processes. By detecting hot metals with precision and consistency, foto captors contribute significantly to the seamless operation and productivity of steel mills.

Proxi Captors
Proxi Captors encompass a range of inductive proximity switches and meters specifically engineered for detection applications within the steel industry. These advanced sensors utilise inductive technology to accurately sense the presence or absence of metallic objects in their vicinity. With a focus on reliability and precision, proxi captors are optimised to operate effectively in the challenging conditions commonly encountered in steel manufacturing environments.
Power Supply Units
Power supply units are essential components designed to provide the necessary electrical power for operating flow and vent captor products that demand a 24 VDC power supply. These units serve as reliable sources of energy, ensuring the seamless functioning of captor devices in various applications. Whether used in industrial monitoring systems, HVAC setups, or fluid management solutions, power supply units play a crucial role in sustaining the performance of captor products.
Process Input Meters
Process input meters are specialised devices designed to convert the analogue output signals generated by flow and vent captor units into digital values. These meters play a crucial role in facilitating the integration of captor data into digital systems, allowing for more efficient processing and analysis of information.

Proxi Captors & Accessories are also available.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 04/05/2022 - Flow Switch in rugged Stainless Steel
    Flow Switch with analogue temperature output from Weber Sensors comes in a rugged stainless steel version (relay output, VDC, Binder plug).

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