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Westwood International Ltd

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287 Romford Road
Forest Gate
London E7 9HJ United Kingdom

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Westwood International, an international trading company, established April 1990 providing quality goods and services to the European, Middle Eastern and African Markets specialising in Security, Safety and Defence Sector.  We offer a diverse range of goods from Fragmentation Jackets, Military Boots, Night Vision Goggles, Ballistic Helmets, Web Equipment, Electric Cookers, EOD Equipments, Fire Engine Trucks, Fire Extinguishers, Search & Rescue Equipment, Rescue Vehicles, Police Batons and Berets to name but a few.  
Whilst our knowledge of these products are second to none, we pride our selves on the high quality and delivery of goods and services offered, on site training and full manufacturer’s warranty of goods sold.  In the intervening years, we have partnered with our manufacturers in the UK and Far East
to produce Bulletproof Jackets, Ballistic Helmets and Military fabric to our specification and standard BSI trademark as well as entered into distributorships with Ziegler GMBH, Alvan Blanch and ADMAC Carmichael. 
We have collaborated with a number of international agencies (UNMASIL, ECOMIL, and UNAMID) to name but a few equipping their personnel with Boots, Helmets, 3G Night Vision Goggles and Body Armour for the various operations in Sierra Leone, Malaysia, Liberia and East Timor.  Besides, we have partnered and engaged with government agencies and reputable companies to provide goods and services including UK, Nigeria, Singapore, Bangladesh, Libya, Morocco, Kenya, Nepal and Egypt to name but a few.  We are always seek  innovative products that will enable our clients to achieve the very best as well as work with the best in the field to provide the highest quality in the military, defence and police protective equipment.  All our products are BSI trademarked and adaptable for the varied terrain they may operate within.
We have steadfastly built a solid reputation by partnering, collaborating and building high specification fire engine trucks, water cranes and rescue vehicles for the Oil and Petroleum industry in Libya and Nigeria
.  We offer specialist search and rescue equipment – Delsar Life Detector and Search Cam Breathing System providing a full service. 
All this is made possible with a full trained and committed personnel headed by Ms Paula Mitchell, MCMI at our London Office.   Our staff of ten regularly undertakes training courses, attend sector conferences, trade shows and engage in webinars to maintain industry knowledge and skills.  Our sales and distribution staff are courteous and helpful with a proactive and flexible approach to our growing list of clients.    

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