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Airflow Works
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About us

Ace Filtration Ltd was founded in 1983 and remains under the ownership of the founder's family, with its headquarters situated in the Kent region, specifically in Gravesend. The company takes great pride in producing a significant majority of the products it offers for sale.

In recent years, the company has expanded its portfolio of filters and metalwork products, while also adding new product lines, including Air Purifiers, UV Filters, and Fresh Air Delivery Units (FADS).

Our well-informed Sales team is consistently eager to assist with any inquiries, and our Operations team is dedicated to collaborating with you to ensure your delivery needs are met.

Our Products Include:

Our filters are meticulously engineered to meet the most stringent industry standards, ensuring that your air remains clean and pure. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential applications, Ace Filtration Ltd stands as your trusted partner in creating spaces that are not only comfortable but also conducive to overall well-being. We take pride in our expertise, reliability, and the positive impact our filters have on the air you breathe every day.

UV Air Filtration
Our UV Air Filtration system is positioned within the airflow and can incorporate anywhere from 2 to 16 high-intensity UV-C lamps, delivering sufficient UV energy to disrupt the genetic material of the virus. The UV-AF unit deactivates microorganisms by targeting their DNA, resulting in a permanent disruption and modification of their molecular structure, rendering them incapable of reproducing or thriving.

Air Purifiers
Safeguarding your employees and patrons from airborne viruses, unpleasant odors, and airborne dust particles with Air Purifiers (UV-AP).

Fresh Air Delivery Systems
Ace Filtration has been providing clean air solutions for more than three decades. Our assortment of Fresh Air Delivery Systems is particularly well-suited for situations where the natural circulation of fresh air is challenging. The answer lies in installing an ACE Fresh Air Delivery System.

Duct Access Doors
Our round Duct Access Doors are crafted from pressed galvanized steel and come with an adhesive template. The Fire-Tested Duct Access Doors are intended for use in ductwork installations where preventing the spread of fire is crucial, while the Insulated Duct Access Doors are specifically designed for rectangular ductwork with a fish tab-style configuration.
Our company revolves around establishing enduring partnerships with our customers, founded on trust, honesty, technical proficiency, and exceptional service.

We substantiate this claim with the fact that more than 80% of our existing clientele consists of loyal customers who have grown to value our top-tier service and the extensive selection of high-quality products we provide at exceptionally competitive prices.

For more than four decades, Ace Filtration has been providing solutions for clean air. We have established ourselves as seasoned professionals capable of meeting all your filtration requirements.


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Ace Filtration Ltd

Fantastic service . Ordered Tuesday pm and delivered Saturday lunchtime. Great product and made in Britain just what we needed. Great delivery by DPD too. Kept informed all the way. If only everything was this easy !! Thanks.


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