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AdaptiveComms serves as the reliable IT & Communications ally for businesses across the UK, with a particular focus on the North West region.

If you aim to enhance connections with your customers, suppliers, and teams, you've landed in the ideal spot. Since 2003, we've assisted numerous clients in the North West and throughout the UK, offering expertise in business telephony, managed IT services, connectivity, and hosted systems.

By selecting us as your business IT & communications partner, you unlock a wide array of services tailored to your needs. We offer a comprehensive solution, serving as your sole provider for all IT & communications requirements. Our commitment to excellence has garnered award-winning recognition, ensuring satisfaction and surpassing expectations. We adapt our support to accommodate your evolving communication needs, enabling effective and productive operations from any location. Our solutions are customised and complemented by training to fully capitalise on the features of our products. Operating under an all-inclusive service model, we provide pre-sales support, implementation, responsive customer service, dedicated account management, and skilled engineering expertise, ensuring seamless support throughout. Furthermore, our transparent pricing ensures fixed rates with no hidden costs, providing clarity and peace of mind.

Our Products & Services Include:


Effective business phone systems are essential for the smooth functioning of today's enterprises. Selecting the most suitable phone system for your business is crucial, as it contributes to its success, facilitates growth, enhances employee collaboration, and supports flexible working arrangements. Whether you're considering upgrading older analogue phones, installing landline systems, or transitioning to cloud-based solutions, our cost-effective options cater to businesses of all sizes. We boast a range of top-notch business phone products, including cloud telephony, office phones, and solutions tailored for small businesses. Our flagship offering, AdaptivePhone, provides a comprehensive and feature-rich telephony service designed specifically for business needs. Additionally, we collaborate with other industry-leading systems such as Xelion and Gamma Horizon, ensuring access to competitive deals that align perfectly with your requirements.

IT Support
Whether you require solutions for flexible work arrangements, migration to cloud computing, or ensuring secure and compliant business operations, we offer customised support to suit your requirements perfectly. Furthermore, our skilled team offers an extensive array of IT services, including maintenance and management of computer hardware, email systems, data storage, cloud services, managed solutions, and network security.

Internet Connectivity
We believe in delivering uncompromising reliability when it comes to business broadband services. Our approach involves close collaboration with you to thoroughly understand your business requirements and assess your connectivity options. Following this, we offer affordable solutions tailored to enhance your connectivity. Whether you opt for our ADSL or fibre broadband packages, or choose dedicated leased lines, we guarantee a high-performance business internet service. If your business is not currently fibre-enabled, our expert team will facilitate the process to ensure you benefit from the high speeds you desire. Additionally, when it's time to switch, we handle the entire process, ensuring a seamless migration to our internet service, backed by our unparalleled support.

Wi-Fi & Networks
When it comes to your business and office environment, we recognise the critical role a dependable and secure internal network plays in facilitating productivity and seamless data transmission among devices. Typically, this involves a combination of network cabling and Wi-Fi solutions tailored to specific needs. With years of experience, we have successfully deployed both types of networking solutions across various environments, catering to private and public usage scenarios, spanning multiple sites indoors and outdoors.

Cloud Services
Cloud services are crafted to deliver cost-effective, straightforward, and adaptable access to applications, resources, and services. They are conveniently available on-demand via the internet, eliminating the necessity for internal infrastructure or hardware. Our efficient cloud solutions offer not only cost savings but also enhanced reliability and scalability for your business. Whether your business operates with remote workers or across multiple sites, opting for cloud services presents the simplest, safest, and most economical approach to secure operations.

… And more.

Our solutions not only represent the pinnacle of excellence but also ensure seamless operation both presently and in the future, round the clock, with unmatched service quality.

Since 2003, we've taken great pride in catering to businesses, charities, and public sector organisations throughout the UK. We continuously seek out businesses, regardless of their size, that require telecoms and IT services.

If you have any questions regarding our IT and Telecoms solutions and wish to delve deeper, feel free to reach out to our amiable customer advisors via phone or email. They are more than happy to furnish you with additional information and address any concerns or specific requirements you may have.

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We have been with adaptive communications for over 5 years, Chris & Steph have been absolutely fantastic in terms of customer service and communication. I know they are on hand for any issues we ever have (in which we never have really had any problems) and if we did I know they would be sorted straight away. overall excellent company to deal with :)


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