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About us

Aero Fire & Rescue Service Ltd takes pride in delivering professional and customised solutions to meet your specific fire cover and support service needs. Our personalised services cater to a diverse range of clients, including event organisers, the film and television industry, and other commercial operators.

We bring a wealth of experience in both the firefighting sector and film and event support, providing competitive rates. Our capabilities include access to modern vehicles, top-notch equipment, a skilled professional crew, and safety advisors of the highest calibre.

Aero Fire & Rescue Service Ltd is equipped to provide a versatile service to clients worldwide, both in the UK and overseas. With a track record of over two decades, we are dependable professionals who actively engage with our customers. We listen attentively to their requirements and collaborate to find innovative solutions that address their needs.

Our Services Include:

Technical Rescue
Aero Fire & Rescue Service operates across the full spectrum of water, rope, and confined space disciplines, delivering innovative, dependable, and robust safety and rescue services to our clients. Our teams, accustomed to confronting combined risks, are comprised of expert, well-trained, experienced, and rigorously tested professionals, ensuring reliability when needed. In addition to our standby rescue role, we often provide access solutions for workers, engineers, surveyors, and examiners facing challenging locations. Working frequently in regulated, high-risk environments, our partnership guarantees scale, extensive experience, and a disciplined team. Trusted in diverse settings, from industrial plants to collaborative operations with emergency services, we excel in deploying to high-risk, high-profile, and high-pressure environments, offering professional and resilient support.

Working at Height
Aero Fire & Rescue Service provides an extensive safety and rescue standby service for elevated work. Our technicians are skilled in multiple disciplines, accustomed to operating in high-risk, safety-critical, and high-profile environments. Our teams are well-disciplined, adequately equipped, and benefit from a comprehensive audit system for protection. They are attentive to their duties and thoroughly prepared in terms of planning, documentation, and experience. With the expansive scope of our operations, we can adapt to changes in deployment length and circumstances influenced by weather conditions. This resilience in terms of equipment, personnel, and skills is crucial for overcoming unexpected challenges and ensuring the continuous progress of your project.

Confined Space Rescue
Aero Fire & Rescue Service has cultivated specialised skills, experience, and knowledge through operating in challenging and potentially hazardous environments, enabling us to execute rescues and facilitate the safe evacuation of workers from underground locations. Evolving to meet the demands of the contemporary health and safety landscape, we've utilized our expertise to diversify our services. This expansion includes providing distinctive rescue services and specialised equipment, some of which has been designed based on practical insights gathered on the field. At Aero Fire & Rescue Service, we offer highly specialised rescue and safety coverage tailored to your specific requirements, aligning with the provisions of Regulation 5 of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. Additionally, we provide a professional consultancy service for those in need of risk assessments, method statements, or safe systems of work for hazardous tasks.

Water Rescue
With our diverse array of boats and water rescue equipment, we are well-equipped to provide effective coverage in fluctuating water and weather conditions. Our teams undergo comprehensive training to operate from various terrains, including banks, beaches, mud, vegetation, shallow wading water, deep slow water, and fast-moving water. Whether conducting rescues from boats, sleds, or through in-water swimming, our capabilities are versatile. With serving and retired emergency service workers on our team, you can trust that you're receiving top-notch expertise. Accustomed to working in high-risk, safety-critical, and high-profile environments, our disciplined teams are appropriately equipped, protected by a thorough audit system, and exhibit attentiveness to their duties. They are exceptionally well-prepared in terms of planning, documentation, and hands-on experience.

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Aero Fire and Rescue Service excels in delivering expertly customised fire services, thanks to our highly diverse team, extensive knowledge, and years of practical experience, placing us at the forefront of our profession.

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Aero Fire & Rescue Service Ltd

Have worked alongside Callum and the team on numerous events and festivals over the years the service and response that the team provided was second to none fast reaction times and fabulous teamwork would recommend this company to any event management team or festival organisation.


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