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AM Power Solutions Ltd, a company situated in South West Wales, specialises in the provision, installation, sale, and maintenance of Standby and Prime Power Generating sets across a wide range of sizes and capacities.

We also provide and install Off-Grid Power Systems tailored to meet your specific needs.

We have the capability to provide generators from prominent suppliers such as CPS Ltd., Pramac, SDMO, Hyundai Power Equipment, Himoinsa Power Solutions, and numerous others. Additionally, we can locate, supply, and install pre-owned generators to meet your specifications.

Our Products & Services Include:

New Generator Sales

A generator offers a cost-effective and tax-efficient solution for supplying robust power without the financial burden and logistical challenges associated with installing mains power. Once your equipment usage is complete or your business utilising the generator is closed, selling the generator becomes a viable option, unlike the inability to recover funds invested in a mains connection. We have the capability to supply generators of any size for various equipment needs. Additionally, we can custom design generators based on individual specifications, catering to equipment requirements ranging from ships to telecommunication devices. As part of the design and specification process, we provide a comprehensive installation service, utilising Hiab off-load vehicles capable of delivering to even the most inaccessible locations. Moreover, we can disassemble equipment to facilitate installation in basements accessible only through narrow doors.
Second Hand Generators
Used generators can be located, delivered, and installed, offering a highly economical means of providing backup power at a significantly lower cost compared to new generators. Standby generators, which aren't in constant operation, can still offer extended service life even with a few recorded hours of use (as tracked by hour run meters), provided they remain reliable.

Generator Servicing
Like all machinery, generators need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure reliable and safe operation, even a standby generator needs a service and inspection at least twice a year.
If a generator is being used more often than that, it should be serviced according to the manufactures requirements, generally every 300 hours of operation. AM Power Solutions Ltd can provide a tailor made service schedule and contract for whatever generator usage you require even monthly checks and load tests.

Off Grid Power Solutions
AM Power Solutions have the capability to offer an "Off-grid" Power system for any isolated residence that lacks access to the mains supply. Historically, remote homes and barns relied on diesel generators (occasionally LPG or petrol) to fulfil their electrical power needs, presenting a straightforward and relatively cost-effective (albeit somewhat noisy) solution. However, with the introduction of reasonably priced inverter/chargers, it became feasible to incorporate a battery inverter system, reducing generator usage by as much as 60%.

Farm Electrics
With extensive experience in the installation of agricultural electrical systems, we collaborate effectively with other contractors to install various types of new parlours and associated equipment on farms. Our track record includes supplying and installing LED lighting systems for dairy units, proving highly successful compared to traditional lighting systems and offering a cost-effective upgrade to existing setups. Given the growing reliance on sensitive electronic equipment in modern farming, it is imperative that any electrical system is meticulously designed and installed to ensure safe, efficient operation and a prolonged operating life. Furthermore, we offer the supply and installation of farm WIFI systems, providing wireless broadband connections in specific areas as needed.

We also conduct on-site repairs or undertake repairs in our workshop, offering a 24-hour call-out service for contracted customers.

Our engineers possess extensive experience in the generator industry, having installed generators of various brands, such as FG Wilson, Lister-Petter, Pramac, SDMO, and CPS Ltd. At present, we maintain multiple service contracts with numerous local authorities and utilities, and we are open to providing quotations for service contracts, whether for a single unit or multiple sets.

We serve diverse private clients, including privately operated elderly care facilities, private hospitals, and hotels.


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AM Power Solutions Ltd

Fantastic, professional service on all levels. Very friendly and knowledgeable on electrics and off grid systems, would highly recommend.


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