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About us

Antistat Ltd is a reliable ally in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Production Consumables, operating a worldwide distribution network. Our methods have established us as the top pick in Europe and the US, providing a strong supply chain to leading OEMs/CEMs. As an ISO:9001 certified manufacturer in the electronics industry, we prioritise meeting client demands and providing exceptional customer service.

Our proficiency lies in personnel grounding gear, ESD monitoring, testing apparatus, ESD flooring, moisture-resistant, and static-safe shipping materials. Since 1987, our electrostatic discharge consumables and advanced technology packaging solutions have stood as top-tier products globally.

Having a well-developed direct sales and vendor network connecting North America, Europe, and Asia, we provide a genuinely global platform for delivering urgent solutions, even with limited notice.

Across various industries such as electronics, medical, defence, aerospace, automotive, and motorsport, our clientele encompasses BMW, Celestica, Cisco, Farnell, Flextronics, Ford, Foxconn, and IBM.

Our Products Include:

ESD Bags

Selecting suitable packaging is crucial in mitigating Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) risks, serving as one of the most effective preventive measures. Without specialised packaging solutions, ensuring the safe transportation and storage of products and components between production and their destination would be exceedingly challenging. Our top-selling antistatic, static shielding, and moisture barrier bags are available in various sizes, designed for the secure handling and packaging of electronic components vulnerable to electrostatic discharge.

Antistatic & ESD Matting
Antistatic mats and ESD flooring represent highly efficient means of managing electrostatic discharge within the Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). Engineered to dissipate static discharge from objects positioned on them, workbench matting additionally safeguards the surface of ESD-sensitive devices against damage during handling and processing.

ESD Packaging Supplies
Antistatic packaging is crafted from specialised materials with tailored compositions, engineered to reduce resistance. This ensures that when grounded, the packaging effectively eliminates electrostatic charges by directing them to the ground, thereby safeguarding the ESD-sensitive devices enclosed within.

ESD Tools
Modern electronics demand meticulous handling due to their sensitivity. Components such as semiconductors, wafers, memory chips, processor units, and hard drives necessitate safeguarding against static electricity. This assortment of essential ESD workplace tools is specifically engineered to mitigate static's detrimental effects and uphold the integrity of your working environment.

ESD Grounding Consumables
Efficient grounding shields vulnerable areas and products from static electricity-induced damage. Establishing a controlled ground path for ESD-sensitive items is crucial in their protection. Our products prioritise operator performance and safety through the utilisation of premium-grade materials. Ensure the safety of your EPA Area with effective grounding. Explore our diverse selection of safety solutions, including Workstation Kits, ESD Wrist straps, Testing and monitoring equipment, Heel grounders, Grounding leads & Cords, Grounding Plugs, and more.

… And more.

In addition to our popular ESD and production consumables, we offer global services, supply chain management, and procurement outsourcing to manufacturing companies worldwide.

Our committed Global Service Team will oversee all facets, including inventory management, cost reduction, supplier consolidation, streamlined documentation processing, and continuous alerts for cost-saving opportunities.

Outsourcing these designated critical procurement tasks associated with sourcing and supplier management to a third party enhances speed, efficiency, and enables companies to concentrate on their primary strategic goals.

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Antistat Ltd

I have found Antistat to be a top quality ESD supplier - always a solution on hand to any requirements we may have + friendly staff always helps. I would highly recommend to anyone.


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